About Radha

Welcome to my site on Women’s Dresses of all types for all occasions.  You will find great posts on the different types of dresses and the latest styles of women’s dresses as well as a picture gallery of beautiful dresses.  The seasonal and all-year round trends will be reviewed and explored in detail.


I was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia and have moved around several places in the United States and currently am living in Cambridge, MA.  I always have liked trying on a variety of dresses and shopping for dresses in general.  I love experimenting with different styles of clothing.  I also love trying on dresses from other countries and trying ethnic clothes.

Based on my broad experience with different styles of women’s dresses, I am excited to share with you posts on different types of dresses for casual, career, and more elegant occasions.  I also provde detailed reviews on tje latest fasions as well as fashions of the different seasons.  i have a special section on ethnic dresses.  For all types of dresses, I have an immense galore of pictures of many dazzling dresses.



I want to help people with making decisions on the best dresses to buy for different occasions.  I hope that the detailed discussions and reviews of dresses will help people make more informed choices on the dresses they would like to wear on different occasions as well as indulge on theri personal tastes.  Elegant occasions call for more formal types of dresses, while career dresses call for a completely different.set of dresses.  The same is true for party dresses and also dresses for casual occasions.

I want to help people learn about the latest styles of dresses that are trending and will have a gallery of pcitures of dresses for different occasions along with detailed discussions and reviews to help people make informed choices along with their own individual tastes and preferences.


The goal of the website is to educate and inform readers onf the latest trends, styles, and fashions of dresses for all seasons.  I will review a lot of the dresses and post articles of interest related to different types of dresses including ethnic dresses from around the world.  I will have an intense pciture gallary of dresses for your eyes to indulge in as well as reviews of these dresses.

I hope that upon looking at my site, the viewer will be more informed on the latest trends and styles of dresses both in the United States as well as wround lthe world and will have a much better appreciation of the kinds od dresses as well as to indulge in her individual tastes.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Radha Narayanan