Cotton Tank Dresses

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This article discusses the features and versatility of cotton tank dresses.  They are suitable for summer and spring weather but can also be layered with many accessories for the cooler fall weather as well as the harshest of the winters.  Also, there are several tips provided on how to best style the cotton tank dress in many different ways that are appropriate for different occasions.

Cotton Tank Dress


The dress style of cotton tank dresses gracefully combines the active wear feels with a cut that is very pretty and it combines both of these attributes in a breezy and comfortable way.  They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns such as floral patterns as well as horizontal and vertical stripes.  They can be worn alone or with a tee shirt or chambray shirt underneath.  This can be done in any of the seasons and you would choose the type of shirt correspondingly.  In the fall and winter, a turtleneck can be worn underneath the tank dress to make yourself warm and cozy.  In addition, a cozy jacket can be worn over the dress.

Overall, the cotton tank dress is always in style all year-round and can be worn in both casual and formal occasions.  It can also be worn to work when layered with a blazer or another shirt that provides more coverage for the dress.  Many women like to use cotton tank dresses as their choice of a sundress with bright prints.

The cotton tank dresses have wider shoulder straps and are typically sleeveless while slip dresses have very thin straps.  The slip dresses look especially good when it is paired with a tee shirt underneath.  Some people feel comfortable wearing the slip dresses in their natural form without a shirt underneath and this is especially suitable for the spring and summer seasons.  These are really great outfits during the warmer weather and also good perhaps for early fall before it gets too cool.  If the slip dresses are paired with a cozy sweater and a comfortable jacket, then they can also be worn in the harshest of the winters.
Cotton tank dresses and slip dresses can be worn in many different ways that are suitable for a wide variety of occasions.

  • The tank dress can be layered with a shirt on top which is good for getting more coverage to your dress without becoming too hot.  This is good for running errands all day long.  If a nice shirt is used on top, this could be converted to a look that is appropriate for work.
  • You can put a shirt underneath the tank dress to give it a school-girl look.  The key is to do it in a way that looks great on you without making you look confused.  If you have an important meeting, then you should put a collared shirt underneath the tank dress to give it a classy look.
  • In the fall and winter, the tank dress can be layered with a sweater on top and this turns the dress into a makeshift skirt.  This results in the dress being more comfortable and cozy during the cold weather when paired with leggings or tights made out of fleece or wool.
  • A tank dress can be paired with a blazer to make it good to wear to work. when it is also paired with a good pair of heels and a good work bag.
  • The tank dress can be layered under something such as a skirt to make it a good choice for a night out.  Make sure that the skirt is longer than the dress to avoid an awkward look.
  • Add a belt to the tank dress to give it some definition in the waist.  This gives you more of the hourglass look which is more flattering.
  • Layer one dress on top of another and this works well especially if one of the dresses is too short.
  • A tank dress looks very good when it is paired with a leather jacket and this is good in the cold weather.
  • You can very easily break up the tank dress by tying a flannel shirt around the waist.


The length of the cotton tank dresses and slip dresses can vary from the minidress to the maxidress with all lengths in between such as the pencil, knee length, midi, and ankle length.  The longer lengths such as the ankle length and the maxi can give the wearer a sense or feeling of elegance and beauty and are suitable for more formal occasions.


The neckline of the cotton tank dress can be used to accentuate any jewelry that you wear such as a pretty necklace.  The summer tank dress can be paired with a summer scarf such as those with fringes or pom-poms.  It can also be paired with a nice denim jacket for casual occasions.  This kind of dress can be converted for use in fall and winter by the use of leather jackets and winter scarves.  Additionally, tights or leggings made of materials such as wool or fleece can be worn underneath the dress to make you feel very cozy and comfortable during the cold weather.  As for shoes, either a flat shoe or high heel can work well depending on the occasion.  A belt will add some shape to your tank dress and gives the greatly desired hourglass figure that many women want to have by emphasizing the small waistline.

Versatility of Cotton Tank Dresses

These dresses are very versatile for everyday use as well as in more formal occasions.  The cotton tank dresses lend themselves more easily for many casual occasions.  They can be paired with a nice shirt underneath and layered appropriately for cooler weather.  Of special interest are the slip dresses which can look especially attractive and sexy with a shirt underneath or when worn by itself.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below about cotton tank dresses and cotton slip dresses and I will get back to you soon!





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