Flower Girl Dresses for Weddings

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This post gives information on the role of flower girls and great tips on selecting flower girl dresses for weddings.  It is another important thing that every bride should consider as part of their wedding planning.

Role of Flower Girls

The flower girl is usually a girl between the age of 3 and 8, who proceeds down the aisle right before the maid of honor and scatters rose petals on the bridal path.  She follows the ring bearer and sometimes even precedes the bride.  In many cases, she totes a basket full of rose petals, while in other cases, she might carry wrapped candy or confetti.  In other variations, she coudl carry a single bloom, a pomander, or simply blow bubbles.


All eyes will be first on the flower girl as she walks down the aisle in front of the bride and scattering flower petals so the choice of the dress is pretty important for the wedding.  The formality of the flower girl dress ultimately depends on the formality of the wedding.  Having an informal beach wedding might entail that the flower girl be dressed in airy and light colors while a formal ballroom style wedding would entail that the flower girl be dressed in fancy clothes.  Of utmost importance in either case or any other type of wedding whether it be formal or informal is that the flower girl is very comfortable in the dress she is wearing.  It is highly recommended that you buy her a pair of flats to wear for the wedding rather than heels since you want her to be comfortable for the entire day.  After all, you do want things to go smoothly on the big day.


The style of flower girl dresses has not changed much over time unlike that of wedding gown styles.  You do want to tie in the style of the flower girl dress to the style of the wedding.  You can ether make the flower girl dress a mini version of the wedding gown or make it in the style of the bridesmaid’s dress.  Either one will beutifully tie in the flower girl dress to the wedding style.  If you choose to use a miniature version of the wedding gown, you can add colors to the flower girl outfit by either adding ribbons to her hair, pinning flowers to her dress, or having a floral accent in the dress that matches the colors of the bridesmaid outfits.  Avoid fabrics that easily tear or become wrinkled such as silk or velvet.  Satin is one of the most popular choices of fabrics for flower girl dresses.


The weather and the season plays a big role in how you select the flower girl dress.  In the colder season such as the fall and winter, do not pick a flower girl dress that is short sleeved since she may get cold.  Also, consider buying a pair of tights for the flower girl to wear under her dress.  In the warmer season such as the spring and summer, do not pick a flower girl dress that is long sleeved since she might get hot.  Another factor in selecting the flower girl dress is to pick the colors that go with the season that your wedding date is associated with.


There are two choices for flower girl dress lengths:  floor length or tea length.  If you choose floor length, you might want to consider that it is possible that your flower girl might trip and fall over the dress.  As a result, the tea length is a better choice and in this case, make sure that the socks or tights go with the style of the dress.





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