How to Wear a Dress in Winter

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Here are some great tips on how to wear a dress in winter with the right layering knowledge and the right combination of accessories to create an outstanding dressy outfit.

Dress with Jacket and Boots

Leggings or Tights

In the winter, you will definitely want to wear a pair of leggings of tights underneath your dress. You can mix and match different colors of the leggings or tights depending on the colors of the dress. Of course, the traditional black or white colors will go well with most of the dresses. Using leggings or tights are a great way to remain very cozy while wearing your favorite dresses in the harshest of the winters.  For maximum comfort in the winter, try wearing leggings made out of fleece or wool.

The most common type is the footless (ankle length) leggings.  There are also leggings that are calf length, which go up to the knee or mid-calf and these are suitable for less cold weather.  There are also footed leggings which can be worn like pants and these would also be great to wear underneath dresses.


Depending on how cold it is, you can combine the use of different lengths of boots with the leggings or tights that your wear under your dress. Ankle length boots are good to use when it is not as cold outside, while the mid-rise and high-rise boots are much better when you are dealing with very cold, icy, windy, and snowy conditions. A traditional black or brown boot will go a long way with many different dresses for a great overall outfit.  You could also experiment with boots of other colors depending on the color of your dress.

There are several different types of boots that are good for women to wear in the fall or winter.

  1. Stacked boot–available in either black or brown and you should select one with a solid, thick heel.  The more comfortable they are, the better and you will be able to wear this for hours on end.
  2. Moto boot–are good for casual everyday wear.  It is good to get one of these made out of leather.
  3. Dressy bootie–these are booties that are not designed for days where you will be doing a lot of walking.  These are for special occasions such as a fancy dinner or an event where you won’t be doing much walking.  Dressy booties come in a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles.
  4. Girly stiletto–comes in the classic black or brown colors and has a super-skinny stiletto that makes it look very feminine.
  5. Riding boot–is a boot that is knee-high or higher and usually have stacked heels.  They typically are found in different shades of brown.
  6. Pop of Color–is a type of colored boot.  It comes in a variety of different colors.


There is nothing better to put on top of your favorite dress than a great leather jacket. A nice brown or black leather jacket will add tremendous style to your outfit and make you very cozy and warm. The jacket will protect you in the harshest of the winters and also make you look very fashionable.  Antelope, cowhide, buckskin, and lambskin are typically used to make leather jackets.  Antelope leather is one of the greatest and most durable type of leather jacket and keeps you very cozy and comfortable even in extreme cold.  This type of leather jacket comes in a variety of colors.  Buckskin leather jackets are soft, pliable, and absorbent and is made from the skin of deer.  Lambskin jackets are also called sheepskin jackets.  It is the best quality leather and is very long-lasting and keeps you very warm and comfortable and also comes in a variety of different colors.  Cowhide leather jackets are made from the natural and unbleached skin of the cow.  It is durable, waterproof, and very soft.

Another great option to add to a dress is the jean jacket. This is a better option in the case where you are wearing casual dresses for everyday use.  This is also a good option in the less cold weather during the fall season.  They are extremely comfortable to wear and are also very durable.  One good option is the vintage jean jacket which can make you look glamorous and goes with any type of casual dress.  Faded jean jackets also go very well with many casual dresses.  Colored jean jackets are good for the winter with a variety of dresses.  Many jean jackets are lined with fabric materials that make them more cozy and comfortable in the winter such as wool or fleece.


A comfortable oversized sweater can be worn on top of a dress making it appear like a skirt. A wide variety of colors and patterns can be chosen for the sweater based on the particular dress that you are going to wear. The choice of fabric for the sweaters can vary from wool, cotton, cashmere, linen, silk, and different kinds of blends.  Wool is the most common type of fabric that is used to make sweaters followed by cotton.  Cashmere is a special type of wool that is made from goats and is very soft, lightweight, warm, and delicate.  Sweaters that contain silk are usually combined with other fabric materials.  It is rare to find sweaters made of 100% silk.

A scarf can be worn over the sweater which provides additional warmth and can be of many different types of materials such as cotton, silk, and satin. The combination of a sweater and a scarf along with a nice leather jacket and tights or leggings can effectively lead to a very comfortable and cozy overall outfit that is great to use for the harshest of the winter season.

Cozy and Comfortable Dresses in the Winter

The effective combination of layering and the use of appropriate accessories can lead to a very cozy and comfortable experience in wearing dresses in the winter. The combination of the use of leggings or tights as well as boots, jacket, and a sweater/scarf can lead to a great fashionable outfit to wear in the winter.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions below related to wearing dresses in the winter and I will get back to you soon!



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  1. I love leggings, especially the colorful ones. I don’t usually wear dress in winter because I am always cold. But after reading your article, I guess if you putting on the right piece of clothing, they should be enough to keep you warm. Thank you for your knowledge.

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