Marriage Name Change Checklist

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There is definitely a lot of places that you need to inform about your name change after marriage.  Here is a handy marriage name change checklist.  One way to simplify the process of changing your name is to purchase an inexpensive name-changing kit and this relieves you of one more chore to do on your big day.  After all, you have a lot more important things to do such as picking out your wedding dress, wedding ring, organizing your bridal party, and so much more.


  1. The most imporatant item of all is to get certified copies of your marriage license which need to be sent to the Soical Security Administration.
  2. Of all the agencies you need to start with, you should start with the Social Security Administration since this is very important that the name and social security number match for withholding tax in payroll as well as retiremetn benefits.
  3. Notifying the Social Security Administration also notifies the Internal Revenue Service about the name change.
  4. You need to get a new driver’s license or identification card which will make the rest of the process easier.  In addition to the driver’s license, you might be able to update the tag, title, and voter registration records while at the DMV.
  5. Notify your employers so that work records reflect the updated name.  Also, review your tax withholdings and make changes if necessary.  This is also a good time to review insurance policies and also update beneficiaries if necessary.
  6. Update your name with the bank or credit union and they might need to see an updated driver’s license for proof of name change.
  7. Notify creditors of your name change so that you will have a credit history under your married name and the credit files will be linked together.
  8. Notify your landlord or mortgage company of your name change or your rental office at the apartment you are living in.
  9. Notify other insurance companies (auto, life, home, etc.). and change beneficiaries if necessary.
  10. Inform physicians’ offices of your change in the name.
  11. Inform rofessional licensing boards that you are a member of.
  12. Notify investment companies and change beneficiaries if necessary.
  13. Inform you attorney in case you need to update legal documents.
  14. Update the records at your utilities to reflect the name change.
  15. Inform the passport office to get a new passport issued with the new name.
  16. Notify the post office of the name change.
  17. Update your voter registration records by notifying the voter registraation board.
  18. Inform your alumni association.

Remember, you can very easily simplify the whole process by buying a simple, low-cost name changing kit which will greatly reduce your headache on the very busy days ahead in your life.

Sharing is caring!

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