Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

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One main question that arises for many brides is whether there is a need for matching shoes and bags for their overall wedding outfit.  Both approaches towards the idea of matching shoes and bags are discussed.  In addition, the common items carried in handbags or clutches are discussed as well as the wide variety of different types of shoes worn by brides on their big day.  The article finishes off with a list of wedding shoe mistakes that one should not make.

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

The handbag should be selected based on the color, shade, and fabric of the wedding gown.  The bride should also decide if she wants the shoes to match the wedding dress or opt for any shoe she desires.

Check out photo galleries and reviews of wedding dresses made out of satin, tulle, lace, organza, chiffon, and charmeuse.   In addition, other wedding accessories such as wedding veils, wedding jewelry, inexpensive wedding bands, precious wedding bands, headpieces, and gloves are also discussed in another article.

Along with these essential accessories  to go along with your wedding outfit, the bride-to-be should also have general wedding accessories such wedding invitations, wedding favors, coasters, stationery, wedding website, and free universal wedding registry and be prepared for the important name-changing rite of passage along with making everything perfect for the big day.  Check out this nifty name-changing checklist that tells you all the places you need to change your name.  In addition, the bride-to-be might want to consider a pre-nuptial agreement with her future husband to protect her finances.

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

Check out this photo gallery and reviews of handbags and clutches that are good for many wedding outfits!

The question is whether it is important to match the wedding handbag to the shoe or not.  Some say that it doesn’t really matter that much.  In many cases, your wedding gown will fully cover your shoes and no one will even know what shoes you are wearing.  In fact, many types of unconventional types of shoes have been worn under wedding dresses such as flats, sandals, boots, sneakers, flip-flops, or plain bare feet.

In this case, you can simply opt to have the wedding handbag or clutch match either in color or shade to the actual wedding gown.  In fact, many clutches are made out of wedding dress fabric materials which makes it easier to find the right one to match your gown.  This is one option in which you don’t need to have a match between your purse and shoe.

Check out these dress and matching handbag combinations!

For the bride who wants to be more traditional in their approach to the wedding, she would want to have her shoes and wedding handbags match in color.  It is much easier to match the shoes and bags that are used as accessories for wedding gowns than it is to find shoes that match the exact shade of the wedding gown.  As long as a general color theme is chosen, the wedding gown can be a different shade than that of the shoe or the bag.

Handbags add color and texture to your overall wedding outfit.  Clutches are also popular to carry during the wedding rather than handbags.  Many clutches are made of different types of wedding dress fabric and complement the overall wedding outfit.

Check out these dress, handbag, and shoe combinations!

Things to Carry in Wedding Purses or Clutches

Some women opt for not carrying a purse at all in their wedding.  In this case, you need to worry only about making sure that your shoes match your wedding dress.  If you also do not care about that either then there is nothing to coordinate.  If you prefer to carry a purse or a clutch, here is a list of essential items to carry.

    • lipstick
    • lipbalm
    • mini brush
    • cash
    • credit cards/debit cards
    • mini bottle of perfume

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

    • bobby pins
    • safety pins
    • breath mints
    • tissues
    • concealer pencil
    • ID if you plan to go for drinks
    • change
    • pain reliever
    • powder
    • bandages
    • cell phone

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

  • backup cell phone charger
  • stain removing pen

Types of Wedding Shoes

Brides have the luxury of choosing practically any type of footwear they want to wear on their wedding day as long as their wedding gown covers their feet.  They can even go barefoot which would be very suitable in a beach wedding.  The following is a list of a wide variety of different types of footwear that women have chosen to don during their wedding day.

Some women opt for two or three different types of shoes for different parts of the day.  They might opt for the formal pumps for the ceremony, and then sandals or sneakers to dance the night away.  It all comes down to the comfort of the bride in their choice of shoes to wear for their big day.

  • Classic pumps

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

  • Formal flats
  • Stilettos
  • Sandals
  • Quirky footwear
  • Something blue
  • Leather boots
  • Cowboy boots

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

  • Rain boots
  • Sneakers

Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings

  • Flats
  • Platform heels
  • Golden heels
  • Kitten heels (mid-rise heels)
  • Handmade bridal shoes
  • Flip-flops
  • Barefeet

Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid


Matching Shoes and Bags for Weddings
Wedding Shoe

  1. Don’t forget to break into your wedding shoes before the big day–wear your shoes to work or somewhere a few days before the wedding day so that you break into your shoes.  Then you will be much more comfortable during your wedding day and can avoid having blisters on your feet during the big day.
  2. Don’t wear the wrong wedding shoes for yourself.  There is no requirement that you must wear white wedding shoes just because you are the bride.  Feel free to choose the shade and color of wedding shoes that you find the most attractive to wear for yourself.  Pick the kind of heels that you want to wear, not what you think you are supposed to wear.  In addition, there is also no requirement that you must wear heels in your wedding shoe.  You can wear absolutely any kind of shoe that you prefer such as pumps. wedges, open-toed shoes, closed-toed shoes, sandals, boots, or even plain sneakers.  You can even opt to go barefoot.
  3. Three shoe accessories are recommended for the big day.  Heel savers are good to have for the back of your feet, heel grips are good to prevent your heels from slipping, and sole stoppers to prevent your soles from slipping.
  4. Always shop around to get the best prices on your wedding shoes.  Wedding shoes are generally expensive and so when you find the perfect pair for you, check around to see how the prices vary in different shops and online venues.  Also, it is not worth spending a fortune on wedding shoes especially if your dress is so long that hardly anyone will see what shoes you are wearing.
  5. Don’t forget a spare pair of shoes.  You might have an accident with your shoes like if your heels break, etc.  Also, you might want to have two different shoes for different events in your wedding day like you might prefer the heels for the photos, but then sandals for dancing the night away.
  6. Don’t skip the pedicure.  You want your feet to look very nice for your wedding day especially if you are wearing sandals, wedges, or open-toed shoes.
  7. Don’t wear the wrong wedding shoes for your wedding gown.  If you want to wear wedding flip-flops, sandals, or go barefoot, make sure that your dress is long enough to cover your feet.

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