Mix Match Bridesmaid Dresses

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It is a modern and highly affordable trend to have mix match bridesmaid dresses in a wedding.  This is a trend that started among celebrities and now is commonly being done in many weddings.  Here are some tips on how to perfectly mix and match the bridesmaid dresses for your big day.

  • Don’t ask all of your bridesmaids to pick the same color of the dress.  This could lead to some of the dreses being the wrong hue and this will stick out in your wedding.
  • Provide some direction to your bridesmaids on the styles and textures that you prefer in your wedding and don’t give them a free reign on their choice.
  • Make sure that you bridesmaids communicate with each other so that the hues that they select can be evenly spread amongst them.
  • Encourage your bridesmaids to select dresses with a lot of sequins, patterns, ruffles, or lace since this is a very fashionable trend nowadays.
  • Try to get dresses that are a full shade apart so that there is enough contrast.  A slight change of shade that is not a full shade apart might look odd when you are taking photos.
  • One possible way to have a mix and match bridesmaid dress combination is to pick one style of dress for all the bridesmaids but let them choose a gown amongst three different colors and many different shades among the colors.
  • Another possible mix and match option is to have all the bridesmaids wear the same color dress but in a variety of different dress styles.
  • Yet another option is to go all out all and let your bridesmaids prick both the dress color and dress style.  Just make sure that you see the combination of dresses together to see if there is some cohesiveness in the mix of dresses.
  • Make sure that there is a good mix of hemlines or a consistent theme in the hemlines.  It would look ackward if all the bridesmaids but one of them wore floor length dresses, etc.
  • Don’t try to vary too many of the features of the dresses or you will end up with a confused looking bridal party.




Sharing is caring!

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