Sexy Evening Gowns

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Every woman should have several sexy evening gowns in their wardrobe to make her feel like a queen for those special occasions.  There are several important factors that one should consider to when selecting the gown that is the most flattering for your figure.  Petite women have even more things to consider when choosing their dress as discussed in another post.  If you choose the wrong dress, not only are you wasting your hard-earned money, but also you will be attracting a lot of negative and wrong kind of attention by wearing an unflattering dress.  An ideal evening gown to wear is one that highlights the features that you are proud of and tones down the features that you are not so proud of.  I also have some tips for selecting the best accessories to go together with your evening gown.

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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Evening Gown

    • It is very important to take into account the nature of the occasion.  If it is a formal occasion, you will need to wear a formal evening gown.  You should wear casual evening gowns only on casual occasions.
    • Some of the more formal occasions that cocktail dresses, ballgowns, and other types of evening dresses are worn is for galas, ballroom dancing, proms, awards ceremonies, and different black tie events.
    • Check out this beautiful photo gallery and reviews of many evening gowns that can be used for a variety of occasions!
    • Choose an evening gown that matches your skin complexion.  Wearing colors that complement your skin complexion can make you look even more glamorous while wearing the wrong color can hurt your appearance and make you look pale.
    • Pick an evening gown that can be worn more than once or twice since you will be spending big bucks on it.
    • Pick a gown with timeless appeal and that can be worn over the years and not just the latest fashion trend.  After all, when the latest fashion trend wear off, the dress may no longer be suitable to be worn years later down the road.  It is better to have a dress that can be worn for a long time for many occasions.
    • Make sure that you know your body shape and size and this can have a great impact on the fit of the evening gown that you select.  Always select a dress that highlights your best features and that hides or camouflages the worst features that you have.  The different types of body shapes are apple shaped, pear shaped, banana shaped, and hourglass shaped.  Click here for an article describing different body shapes.  A-line dresses and V-neckline dresses are universally suitable for all body shapes.
  • For black-tie events, make sure that your dresses are floor-length.  However, nowadays, shorter dresses are also becoming acceptable in these types of events.
  • To get the length of the dress right, make sure that you try on the dresses with heels on.
  • Pick a dress fabric that drapes well around your body such as cotton, nylon, silk, and satin.
  • It is worth spending more money for a good quality evening gown.  The price of the gown is determined by several factors such as the level of details in the gown, the fabric material, the embellishments, and the designer brand that it is part of.  If you shop in the off season time such as in the summer and winter, you might be able to get a nice gown for the holiday season at a fraction of the original price.

  • Selecting designer gowns are worth the money you spend on them since they offer superior looks and fit compared to the non-designer gowns.  These gowns have flattering fits, neat seams, and beautiful necklines that enhance the overall appearance of the person wearing them.  They enhance the natural features of the woman who wears the gown.
  • It is highly unlikely that the dress you buy off the rack will be exactly fitting your body measurements.  As a result, you should get your dress altered to fit perfectly to your actual body measurements.
  • Make sure that you have the right undergarments for your dress.  If you have a size C cup or larger, avoid backless gowns since backless bras generally will not give you the support that you need.
  • Decide if you would like to wear some shapewear to slim your stomach, but make sure that it does not make another area look more pronounced.  Look at your body at all angles with the dress on or have a friend check out how you look at different angles.

Tips for Selecting Great Accessories to Go With Your Evening Gown

    • Wear one piece of bold jewelry such as bold earrings or a bold necklace and pare down the rest of your look with more subtle jewelry in other parts of your body.  Don’t go overboard with the jewelry that you decide to wear.

  • Check out this photo gallery and reviews of different types of jewelry that are good to wear with evening gowns and also which occasions they are most suitable for!
  • Black, silver, or gold clutches are “go to” items to have along with your evening gown.  A nice handbag that matches your gown and shoes will also look very trendy.
  • Check out this photo gallery of handbags that go well with evening gowns of different occasions as well as reviews of their features!
  • Wear shoes that you would be comfortable wearing for a long period of time.  Think about wearing the 1 to 2 inch kitten heels rather than the 4 inch heels.  However, if you are comforatable wearing a good pair of heels, go for it.

Great Dresses with Matching Accessories

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