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This article discusses the different body shapes that women have and the best kinds of wedding dresses that are flattering for each body shape.  It breaks down the full analysis of the style of wedding dress for your body shape that would be the most flattering for your figure.   The different styles of wedding dresses that will be discussed come in a variety of different fabrics such as satin, lace, tulle, chiffon, organza, and charmeuse.

In addition, it also briefly discusses a variety of important wedding gown accessories (shoes, handbags, inexpensive wedding bands, precious wedding bands, jewelry, veils, headpieces, gloves), wedding accessories (invitations, favors, coasters, note cards, stationery), as well as wedding items such as a wedding website and free universal wedding registry and legal documents such as the name-change and the pre-nuptial agreement.

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Most common female body shapes


The apple body shape describes a person who has broader shoulders and bust than their hips.  The overall shape is like a triangle pointing downward with the widest part in the bust and the narrowest part in the hips.  People with this body shape tend to have fuller bust, broader shoulders, more slender thighs and bottom and a less defined waist.  They tend to accumulate weight in the abdomen area.  Measuring your waist to hip ratio gives you a clear idea if you are apple shaped.  If your waist to hip ratio is above 0.8, then you are apple shaped.

The perfect wedding dress for the apple body shape would be tight at the upper body, highlighting the slimmest part of your waist, and then gradually starts to look like an A-line silhouette for the rest of the body.  A dress with lace and details will camouflage the shape of your waist. Avoid wear a fitted wedding dress at all costs because it only shows all the things you want to hide which are the slim legs and the wide waist. Having a slightly wide dress at the bottom such as that with the A-line silhouette gives your body the balanced look you need.

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If you have an apple body shape, you would be better off choosing a gown that will give a great deal of definition to your waist by cinching in your waist.  This will create a more balanced proportion between your bust and hips. Using a wide ribbon at the waist, empire waist, a slightly dropped waist style, or an A-line style are all great options in terms of the types of wedding dresses that will be the most flattering for your figure.  In addition, some ball gown types of wedding styles are also good for apple shaped women. A wedding dress style that has asymmetrical pleating or rushing would also be great since it creates a well defined waist.  V-neck or plunging styles draw attention upwards while flattering your bustline.  However, if you shoulders are already very broad, you would want to avoid styles that make your shoulders look broader such as the off the shoulder types of dresses.  Do not wear column, trumpet, and mermaid wedding dress styles with exaggerated dress flare outs from the knee. These styles will emphasize a less defined waist which is the exact opposite of what we want to achieve to get the dress that is the most flattering to the apple body shape.

Banana, or straight

The banana body shape describes a person who has a boyish figure who has waist measurements that are less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurements, and therefore have a larger waist and they have an overall rectangular shape.

Women with banana shape should wear a dress that will highlight their slim upper body, and then go down into a big flowing skirt. This will give your body a balanced look. Another option to pick the perfect wedding dress for the banana body shape is to go for a flare fit gown which generates curves.  This gives a slim fit all over the body and then goes down into a flare cut, making your body curvy.

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Unlike other girls who might use a corset or ballroom gown to emphasize the waist, women with a banana body shape need to create an illusion of a waist by using a belt or a ribbon tied to the waist.  Using ruffles and embellishments add a great deal of volume to the top half of the body above the waist but also draws the eye up showing off the shoulders and arms. Banana shaped women should avoid wedding dresses with angular and square cuts. From the waist down on the bottom half of the body, layering without too much volume is a good idea. Fit and flare styles are good to use rather than too close cut styles. Particularly good choices of wedding dress styles are sheath, trumpet, or mermaid styles which create curves.


The pear body shape is basically the opposite of the apple body shape and describes a person who has hip measurements greater than their bust measurements. It has the general shape of a triangle with the bottom part being the widest which represents the hips and the top part being the narrowest which represents the bust.  Measuring your waist to hip ratio gives you a clear idea if you are pear shaped.  If your waist to hip ratio is below 0.8, then you are pear shaped.

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The best wedding dress for the pear body shape, is a gradually flared dress which highlights the upper body with its slim fitted top and hides the width of the hips with the gradually flared skirt.  To best flatter a pear shaped body, you should highlight the naturally smaller waistline and bust and go for a wedding dress with a great amount of details on the region between the neck and the waist (bodice), a fit-and-flare silhouette, or a natural waistline. Some types of wedding gown styles that work really well to flatter the pear body shape include the a-line wedding dress or a ball gown style that cinches at the waist, and keeps the focus on the region between the neck and the waist (bodice).  You can also choose an empire style wedding dress to emphasize your waistline or wear a ribbon or jeweled belt on the fitted waistline to look slimmer and more shaped.


This “ideal” body shape describes a person with hip and bust measurements that are nearly equal in size and with a narrower waist measurement and therefore resembling a hourglass figure.  If you have a hourglass figure, you are the luckiest of all the women since just about any silhouette and wedding dress style will be flattering for your body style.  You can choose from a sheath, ballroom, trumpet, or mermaid style of wedding dress.  In addition, other wedding dress styles are also good for women with hourglass figures.

Check out this gallery of the latest styles and reviews of wedding dresses that are good for hourglass shaped women!

The perfect wedding dress for the hourglass body shape is the empire wedding dress, but don’t buy a dress that is too loose right under your chest since it might add pounds to your overall look, and can even make you look pregnant. What works best is a low empire cut that starts under your chest 3 to 5 cm maximum and that flows nicely in a straight cut to the floor.

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  1. Love your definitions! I never knew what the Apple body shape was, didn’t even know that was the term! Thank you, now that won’t bother me anymore when trying to describe somebody with that figure! This is a quite helpful site, & who doesn’t love talking about & or looking at wedding dresses?! My address was the mermaid style…

  2. Hi Radha, this is a lovely post. What beautiful dresses, I absolutely love them, and it makes perfect sense to pick a dress that suits your body shape. After all we all want to look perfect on our big day! I shall keep this in mind if ever I get married. Fingers crossed lol.

  3. Just because a dress pretty doesn’t mean that you can wear it! Not all body types can wear the same thing, so knowing what works best you shape is key to finding the wedding dress that is just right.

  4. This is great. I never knew there was so much detail involved with body shapes and wedding dresses. Your detail to waist line and the appropriate dress makes it easier to choose that perfect wedding dress. Very Helpful.

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